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Op Amp Builder - Level 1

Create a custom SPICE subcircuit that models Gain, Bandwidth and Input/Output Resistance. Use it early in the design cycle to develop the overall topology. This macromodel simulates quickly and convergences easily. Later in the design, replace it with a more complex model.

Download a simple page to create your own model. Check out other JavaScript Calculators.

To learn to create these SPICE op amp models:
Quick intro to op amp models
Basic op amp model
Learn various op amp modelling techniques.

SPICE Circuit

spice model

Enter Op Amp Parameters

Aol Open-loop gain (V/V(
fu Unity-Gain Frequency (Hz)
or Gain Bandwidth Product)
Rin Input R
Rout Output R

Enter Model Parameters

R1 Open-loop gain resistor.
Subckt Name Name for SPICE subcircuit.
Precision (digits) Precision for moldel values.


KG1 = Aol / R1 Open-Loop Gain Aol = KG1 * R1.
fp1 = fu / Aol First pole filter to acheive fu.
C1 = 1 / (2 * pi * fp1 * R1) C1 for fp1.

To copy into text file, first move cursor into textbox above, then hit Ctrl-A and Ctrl-C.
Use Ctrl-V to paste into text file used for subcircuit.


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