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There are many versions of SPICE available today. Depending on the capabilities and interfaces, you can get student, standard and professional packages ranging in price from less than $100 to several thousands of dollars.

A number of companies offer a free demo version that performs many of the full–blown functions but are typically limited to the number of component (25 or so). Most of the SPICE circuit files on this site will run on demo versions. The circuits were developed using the TopSpice and PSPICE simulators.

PSPICE Student Version by OrCAD
OrCAD's Pspice (27MB) is one of the most popular SPICE versions. Just follow the link and download directly from Electronic-Labs. Or, go to the Cadence-OrCAD site

LTspice by Linear Tech               
Here's a great SPICE version (a.k.a. SwitcherCAD III) from Linear Technology that has no component limit! Its a fully functional Spice simulator with enhancements and models optimized for switching regulators.

TOPSPICE by Penzar                                       
You can get a great demo version called TopSpice from Penzar. Just follow the link and click on Free Software Downloads.


 NOTE!  Other simulators may also work well with some small modifications to the netlist. Many vendors will tell you how to make a PSPICE netlist compatible with their version of SPICE.

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