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“Why simulate? To understand the circuit better. You develop intuition with a simulation.”

Mike Engelhardt, LTSPICE Seminar

The goal is a site where the learning of electronics is hands-on and fun. And the SPICE circuit simulator is a great software tool to achieve that goal. It hit me the first time I used SPICE - simulating is fun! And because it's easy to use, I've spent a lot of time building and exploring circuits.

A person who may not otherwise build circuits in his home, can get hands-on experience using a "virtual" breadboard. You can build and test a SPICE circuit fairly quickly. ( Lots of time and money for test equipment are not always readily available.) 

So, the idea is to create a growing source of circuits you can download and easily explore. Experiment and tinker on your own, or dip into the tutorials to get you started. Even if you have just a few minutes a day, you can boost your design and analysis skills. Hopefully, over time it will contribute to an appreciation and growing passion for electronic design.

This site is not electronics theory from the ground up (there are plenty of great textbooks already in print!) This site strives to provide what I've always learned best from - informal, hands-on and fun experiences that lead to a deeper, more intuitive understanding of circuit design and analysis. 

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Hi, my name is Rick and I personally wanted to create this site for two reasons:
1) it's fun to design / tinker with electronic circuits
2) I enjoy sharing this knowledge with others.

For several decades the chase has been on - designing, debugging and fine-tuning circuits to achieve both grand and mundane purposes in the real world. But early on, I was frustrated with the gap between textbook theory and hands-on skills needed on the job. Help came from of design books, my own successes / mistakes and the generous help from others. Now, this web site is one way for me to share some of that knowledge.

And as always, trying to find more time to hike/kayak/sail, play guitar in a music trio and give back through the local community and church.

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These are the main elements of the engineering view...a passion for creativity, a compulsion to tinker...

Samuel Florman, The Existential Pleasures of Engineering.

Genuine understanding comes from hands-on experience.

Dr. Seymour Papert, Learning Researcher, MIT.

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.

Dale Carnegie

To engage in experiments...was always one of my most agreeable employments.

Benjamin Thompson (1753-1814) English physicist.

The joy of discovery is certainly the liveliest that the mind of man can ever feel.

Claude Bernard (1813-78) French physiologist.


In no event will eCircuit Center be liable for special, collateral, incidental, or consequential damages in connection with or arising out of the use of these files and tutorials. eCircuitCenter reserves the right to change the files and tutorials without prior notice.

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