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Excel Design Calc Series



Design Tools

Excellent for hands-on EE learning!

NOTE! Windows may block a macro-enabled file (*.xlsm) from running - Good Precaution! To unblock, right-click on file, select Properties - Security and then check UNBLOCK.



Topic / Link DesciptionFile Type
RC Low Pass Filter vs Freq Find the Magnitude (dB) and Phase of an RC Filter using standard Built-In Functions. *.xlsx



Topic / Link DesciptionFile Type
Op Amp Gain and Bandwidth A simple example to get familiar with both Op Amp gain calculations and VBA code. BONUS: explore how gain effects bandwidth!  (VBA Code) *.xlsm



Topic / Link DesciptionFile Type
Sine Wave Generator Generate sine waves varying the frequency, amplitude, phase and offset. (VBA Code) *.xlsm
Create waveforms with the Fourier Series Create square waves, sawtooths, etc., using only sine waves. Enter coefficients and watch waveforms take shape. (VBA Code) *.xlsm